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Greater Fort Kent Area Chamber of Commerce
Greater Fort Kent Area Chamber of Commerce
Just one day left to guarantee a free t-shirt at the walk! Pre-register by Friday June 11 at the end of the workday and we will make sure your t-shirt size is in the order.

You can still register after June 11 and we will probably have a couple extra t-shirts at the registration table on June 19, but there will be no absolute guarantee that you will get one in your size after tomorrow.

Pre-Register by June 11 to guarantee a white t-shirt for coloring. GFKArea_Chamber photo

Download the Greater Fort Kent Area-Wide Yard Sale Vendor List with street addresses and checklist of items sold at GFKArea_Chamber photo

Congratulations UMaine at Fort Kent Graduating Class of 2021 (5/8/21).Thank you for choosing to study and live in the St. John Valley.We wish you nothing but the best in your future endeavors.

#greaterfortkentchamber #stjohnvalley #aroostookcounty #umfk #congratulationsgraduates
GFKArea_Chamber photo

Greater Fort Kent Area Wide Yard Sale May 22-23. Greater Fort Kent Businesses with a sale also encouraged to participate. Registration Form available at: GFKArea_Chamber photo
Ploye Fest
Ploye Fest
Get Ready.... Ploye Festival and Fort Kent International Muskie Derby... In just a few months. August 13-14 & 15, 2021!
Ploye Fest
Ploye Fest updated their status.
Ploye Fest
Ploye Fest
... And they're off... Good luck to all fishermen this year.
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival
All are welcomed to view this Free Livestream Event on Feb. 5, 2021 (PRESENTATIONS START AT 6pm) from
• the Chamber Website’s Annual Meeting Page,
• the Chamber Facebook Page
• WFKT-4 Facebook Page
• WFKTV Channel 4 Television Station (cable channel 8)
• WFKTV YouTube Channel

From the comfort of your home or office - with family, colleagues and friends, join the Greater Fort Kent Chamber of Commerce in celebrating the accomplishments of 2020 and looking forward to our future as we continue to promote and advance
a healthy business environment in the Greater Fort Kent area through tourism, economic vitality and community development.
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival updated their status.
When this happens, it's usually because the owner only shared it with a small group of people, changed who can see it or it's been deleted.
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival
Wishing you all the best that this holiday season brings!

Merry Christmas from the Greater Fort Kent Chamber of Commerce!
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival
What fun! Thank you all who participated in our game for this weekend. We hope you've enjoyed our game.

It is amazing how many businesses there are in the Greater Fort Kent area - and some quite unique ones at that! And we weren't even able to hit them all (can you imagine - we did this for four days - we would be doing this for two weeks at least if we hit them all!) How lucky we are to have such hard-working dedicated people to work in our communities and businesses and patrons to support these businesses and keep our local economy in check.

We look forward to having our businesses parade you next year for Scarecrow Festival/UMFK Homecoming rather than have you parade the businesses on Facebook. We hope you join us next year for our 2021 Scarecrow Festival/UMFK Homecoming weekend. Like this page to stay updated on dates and future events.
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival
Fort Kent Scarecrow Festival
Our last picture for this game: This past week, The Dude stopped in for some bling - decided on this ring and was shown this antique cash register on display which rings - kaching. What fun! Where can you get the ring with the bling and here kaching?

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