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Welcome To The Greater Fort Kent Chamber of Commerce!

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Proudly serving the communities of the Fish River Chain of Lakes,
Maine & Aroostook County’s Upper St. John River Valley,  the Northern Terminus of US Route 1, the Fish River National Scenic Byway & the Western Half of the St. John Valley Cultural Byway, the Northern end of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway & Northern Forest Canoe Trail.
We hope you enjoy this tour of our corner of Maine!

Our Visitor Guidebook!

A tour of the Greater Fort Kent area in one document that you can peruse while dreaming of your next vacation.

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Our Online Store

Our online store specializes in Can Am Crown Sled Dog Race & America’s First Mile Souvenirs.

Craft/vENDOR FAIR -Fri. AUG. 13

Register for the Ploye Festival Business-Hosted Craft & Vendor Fair

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