When you talk to a local resident in small town, or city for that matter, in the U.S., it is surprising how many have little knowledge of what would interest a newcomer.  For most, it is the place they live and work and recreate in their own way.  

Visitors to an area often provide a unique perspective - a fresh look.  We are grateful to all who share their St. John Valley visitor experiences on social media - showing us locals the beauty and excitement of this area that we may have taken for granted - our home through your eyes.  

If you have never been to the Upper St. John Valley and would like to see what you are missing, or you're a former resident and just feeling a little home sick for the Valley, click on one of these videos posted on YouTube.

Videos are divided into seven categories:

(click on one the link to go directly to that section)


The local cable station, WFKTV-4, has done 

an absolutely amazing job chronicling the history, scenery & events of Greater Fort Kent.  

Below are links to videos from locals and visitors other than those  on WFKTV-4's YouTube Channel .

We encourage you to visit their channel to view the wealth of videos they've produced.



Other Attractions

Some Of Our Local Major Events

Historical / Cultural

Just For Fun

Live Webcams

 There are many other videos about the area

 on the web, especially on Facebook. 

Type in the name of a town, activity, "Aroostook County" or 

'St. John Valley Maine' in any search bar & see what's out there.  

If you are bored in the 'Valley' -  it's only because you want to be.

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