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Greater Fort Kent Chamber of Commerce Useful information about the area.

The people of the Greater Fort Kent Area are known for their friendly out-going good nature. They are a passionate hardworking people which has been the key to keeping these communities together during the rough times and making the good times so much better.  No matter where you go, you'll be made to feel welcomed. 

There is always something to do, no matter what the season.  From guest lecturers at the University, to musical entertainment of various genres, to braving the elements outdoors on some sporting activity- a little something for everyone. 

This page has information on ATM Locations, Contacts In Case of Emergency, Genealogy Resources, and other information that may come in handy.  If you require any other resource information or guidance, you are more than welcomed to give the chamber office a call during regular business hours.

ATM Locations

 Although most businesses in the Upper St. John Valley accept credit/debit cards, a small handful of local small businesses are cash-only, and sometimes, for whatever reason, you just need cash.   Here is a list of ATM locations by town.


(closest location: St. Francis)

Cross Lake Township

(closest location: Sinclair/Fort Kent) 

Eagle Lake:

  • Katahdin Trust Company

               3440 Aroostook Road

  • NorState Federal Credit Union

               3333 Aroostook Road​  

 Fort Kent:

  • Acadia Federal Credit Union

               9 East Main Street 

  • Katahdin Trust Company

               79 West Main Street

  • Key Bank

               101 West Main Street

  • NorState Federal Credit Union

               164 Market Street

  • TD Bank

               62 West Main Street 

  • UMFK - Cyr Hall

               23 University Drive   


  • Jim's Corner Grocery

               269 US Route 1  

New Canada: 

(closest location: Fort Kent) 

Portage Lake:

  • Coffin's General Store

               19 Aroostook Road

 St. Agatha:

  • Acadia Federal Credit Union

​               315 Main Street 

 St. Francis:

  • Acadia Federal Credit Union

               907 Main Street 

St. John Plantation:

(closest location: Fort Kent/St. Francis)


  • Long Lake Sporting Club

              48 Sinclair Road

  • Martin's General Store

               247 Sinclair Road 


(closest location: Fort Kent/Eagle Lake)

 Winterville Plantation: 

(closest location: Eagle Lake ) 

In Case Of Emergency


As much as we all hope that your stay in the Greater Fort Kent area is a pleasant one, sometimes, unforeseen circumstances arise that require local emergency services.  

If you are unfamiliar with the services offered in the St. John Valley, the following contact information may be of some assistance.   If you do not find the contact information you are looking for, please check the helpful links section. Some may be listed there as well.  

  • For all Emergency Police, Fire & Ambulance Services, dial 911.

  • Northern Maine Medical Center - provides local medical inpatient, intensive care and Emergency Room services.   The main switchboard number is:  (207) 834-3155 

  • For all other Medical Services (outpatient, optometry, dentistry, chiropractic, pharmaceutical, veterinary), view our listings in the Member Directory -       Medical/Healthcare Services Category     &    Animal Care Category 

  • Maine's Crisis Helpline - connects you to mobile crisis intervention services 24 hours a day/365 days a year.     1-888-568-1112

  • To connect with resources for your health and human service needs or that of a loved one (other than those mentioned above), you can also dial 211 if you are in Maine or go to the online 211 Maine Resource Directory.  

Genealogy Resources

  • For information regarding cemetery plots (and occasionally baptismal/marriage records) please contact the churches and parish offices directly - their information can be found on the "Places of Worship" page.   There are also municipal cemeteries in some of our communities.  You will need to contact the local municipal offices for more information regarding these. 
  • The local Aroostook Registry of Deeds is located in Fort Kent on the corner of Hall & Elm Streets.  
  • The UMFK Acadian Archives has wealth of information  on area families through their collection of family reunion and genealogy books and resources that they have collected over the years. 
  • Information regarding births, deaths, marriages and divorces can be found at Maine's Office of Data, Research & Vital Statistics.

Good To Know

 Here is a very short list of some local terms someone 'from away' may want to know about:

  • "Wayons-ware" ('Come-on,now' or 'As if')
  • "Ayoye" (Ow/Ouch)
  • "The Valley" (St. John River Valley on Northern Maine's border to Canada)
  • "The County" (Aroostook County - largest, land-wise, in the state - also known as "The Crown of Maine")
  • "Ployes" (buckwheat pancake used for many culinary purposes in the Valley)
  • "Creton" (meat spread, usually made of pork or turkey and spices - goes great with ployes)
  • "Fiddleheads" (a plant that grows on the local river banks and picked in the spring before the plant reaches maturity - served as a vegetable.)

For your information:

  • FedEx Drop-off site: GEI-PC Store - 62 West Main Street, Suite 103, Fort Kent
  • UPS Drop-off sites: GEI-PC Store - 62 West Main Street, Suite 103, Fort Kent & there is a drop-box located in  parking lot at 204 West Main Street, Fort Kent (on the corner of Main & Hall Streets.
  • The Blue/White/Red flag with a yellow star is the Acadian Flag, and the yellow painted stars on houses throughout the 'Valley' is a sign of welcome.
  • East Main Street in Fort Kent turns to West Main Street in Downtown Fort Kent at the Bridge crossing the Fish River.
  • If you plan on crossing into Canada during your stay, please make sure you have a passcard or passport with you for when you cross back into the U.S. For more information, view Know Before You Go.
  • If you are looking for local transportation options, you can rent a vehicle for local use from Pelletier Motors, or utilize the Aroostook Regional Transporation System (ARTS bus - local bus service). The closest national car rental agency is at the Presque Isle Airport.
  • U-Hauls can be rented from Twin's Service Station on Market Street in Fort Kent.
  • The Greater Fort Kent Area encompasses the entire Fish River Chain of Lakes, which includes Portage, St. Froid, Eagle, Long, Mud, Cross & Square Lakes.  

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